"Inhale Confidence. Exhale Doubt."

Meet Tay

My fitness journey began years ago as a competitive athlete. That lifestyle taught me about perseverance, discipline and hard work. It also revealed to me that our bodies are capable of amazing things. After retiring due to injury, my passion for fitness remained thus motivating me to find another avenue.

This is when my love for body-sculpting began...

Workout of the Week



This has to one of my favorite weight training methods for building strength and mass. Select a exercise:

  • Perform a warmup set with moderate weight

  • Increase the weight to 80% Max. Reps til Failure.

  • Drop the weight. Reps just short of Failure.

  • Drop the weight. Reps just short of Failure.

  • Repeat once more.

  • Last Set should be your warmup weight. Reps til Failure

    • Little to NO REST between each set!!​

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