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Our Lady Parts Need TLC Too!

Ahh...the V-Steam!

Vaginal Steam. What do you know about it? Have you even heard of it before? Well I will be honest and tell you that I was not aware of the treatment until a friend brought it to my attention recently. After doing some research and understanding the benefits of receiving such treatment, I was definitely on board. I am a huge fan of Alternative Health Practices, so why not?

Here are some of the benefits that I found intriguing:

  • Reduces Discomfort Associated With Menstruation

  • Helps To Remove Toxins From The Body

  • Decreases Menstrual Flow

  • Regulates Irregular Cycles

  • Balances Hormones (SO important)

  • Increases Fertility

  • Increases Libido

  • Enhances Sexual Pleasure

...amongst so many other uterine health benefits!

I've waited an entire month to blog about this service because I wanted to give you gals a full report on how my body reacted over the past few weeks. First let's talk about the procedure itself. A friend and I went to receive our steams at Tikkun Spa in Santa Monica, so YES this is something that you can definitely do on a Girl's Spa Day or possibly as a precursor to a Girl's Night Out. It's not awkward at all! We undressed into a long "tent like gown" with nothing exposed from the chest down. Spa attendants create a concoction of medicinal herbs to suit your needs, such as slimming, infertility, Post Partum etc. The mix of herbs are added to a bowl of water that sits directly under your open bottom seat (something like a toilet but more aesthetic). Once ready, you sit on the seat and cascade your gown over it completely ensuring that the steam stays underneath the gown. This is where we sat for 30 minutes sipping on tea lol.

Now, let me tell you! It got pretty hot pretty fast. There is an option to increase or decrease the amount of steam and heat being emitted with a dial ranging from 1-10, 10 being the hottest! The heat started off manageable so we cranked our dials up from 5 to 7, but HONEY it didn't stay there long. Luckily, the attendants had little tricks up their sleeves to help decrease the amount of heat hitting my inner thighs, which was simply placing a small towel right inside my legs. This actually helped, so then I was able to relax on my Pretty Toilet Throne. Aside from the excessive sweating that I felt underneath my gown, I also felt a "draining" sensation so to speak. I encouraged it by allowing my legs to relax a little wider. Once our time was up, we were both a little worried about the possibility of chaffing afterwards. RAW was the term that came to mind lol, but once we stood up and walked out of the private room we noticed that there was literally NO DISCOMFORT at all!! However, there was a sweet aroma that followed us for the rest of the night. No complaints there!

There were some positive, and one negative, reactions that I noticed during the weeks to follow. Libido increase was almost instant. Fatigue was no longer a factor for me ya'll! Sexually, there was a very obvious difference also! It's hard to explain but I will say that we both noticed it and again...NO COMPLAINTS THERE!

In regards to my cycle, the cramps that I tend to experience on Day 1 were no where near as intense as they usually are. I normally keep ibuprofen on deck, in my purse, in my car AND next to my bed ready to take the cramps out every 3 hours. This last period was so much more bearable though. I believe I relied on a pain killer only once. WIN! I don't know about you, but I would like this to become a very regular, monthly experience. I also dropped from a 4-5 day period to.....ONLY 3 DAYS!!! THANK GOD! No random spotting afterwards. When Aunt Flo left on day 3, she did NOT show her ass back up to my doorstep unexpectedly if you know what I mean!

As mentioned before, there was one negative reaction that I did experience. I am not prone to breakouts, especially around my jawline, but I did notice some nasty little friends just a few days after my treatment. Based on Ayurvedic principles, that particular area of the face is associated with a hormonal imbalance. So it was safe to assume that the V-Steam did indeed affect my hormones. Detoxing effect...maybe?

So my take on V-Steams is...GO FOR IT! Of course, do your research and see if this is something that you can possibly benefit from. Talk to your OB/GYN and get their professional opinion. I personally thought the treatment was great and my body seemed to appreciate it as well. Will I do it again? HELL YEA!

I have to get started on the next Girl's Spa Day!



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