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Did Someone Say Needles?

Is that what you think when you hear the word ACUPUNCTURE? Although not entirely intimidated by the idea of needles, I too thought negatively about this treatment prior to receiving it the first time. The creepy image of "Hell Raiser" always came to mind...you know, a plethora of needles just hanging out of the body.

But what happens if I move?

Will the needles go deeper and hit my organs?

It's actually kind of hilarious to recollect now that I've realized how bizarre my thoughts were.

A friend of mine was constantly raving about how amazing she felt after her acupuncture sessions. It took awhile, but after a long stressful week (and with the upcoming anniversary of my mother's passing) I finally gave in, took her advice and set up my appointment. Now of course every experience will be different depending upon the acupuncturist you choose, but I decided to go to Golden Monkey Healing here in Los Angeles to see Matt, per her referral.

Let me tell you...Matt knows his stuff!

I'm sure that you have heard Acupuncture can be used to treat a variety of discomforts and conditions ranging from nausea, depression, infertility & hormones and even physical pain. After reviewing my intake form, Matt and I discussed easing the heart-break from losing my mother as well as targeting my anxiety, hormonal imbalance and shoulder discomfort during my sessions. That first session left me on Cloud 9, seriously. It felt like I was in a very calm, yet aware, state-of-being that I had never experienced before. My mind normally moves a million times a mile, constantly multi-tasking and thinking 3 steps ahead. This can become overwhelming after awhile, but the acupuncture helped me to detach and truly become present in the moment (for about a week). It was AMAZING!

While some conditions seem to improve instantly, like anxiety or physical pain, other issues may need to be treated over a series of sessions. A month's worth of weekly sessions helped to decrease my menstrual discomfort and symptoms of estrogen dominance. Now, I am all for anything that helps to alleviate the physical nuisance of being a woman!

So you are considering this treatment, but you really want to know what it feels like right? I mean...needles. Who actually enjoys being poked by needles? To be honest with you all, you may feel a slight sensation with the insertion of each needle but it's definitely nothing to be concerned about. However, if you are one to become nervous around needles, simply CLOSE YOUR EYES and don't watch. Keep the conversation going. Ask questions until they are done. You will survive lol!! I promise you, once that door closes and those lights dim you will find the kind of peace that is unlike anything in your day to day life. Get comfortable on that table, tune in and pay close attention your qi flowing. YES, you can feel it and it's pretty incredible. You owe it to yourself to experience this sensation at least once in your life.

Stop second guessing. The benefits to acupuncture outweigh any preconceived fear that you may have. That "cure" you've been looking for could possibly be one session away...

Vibrate higher,


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