Wellness Wednesday

Confidence Breeds Success

Or does success breed confidence? Either way, it starts with a CHOICE to believe in yourself and your abilities.

If you have been following my social media for while, you may be aware of the fact that I was once a very shy, soft spoken young girl. I lacked appreciation of my strengths while fixating on what I considered to be my "weaknesses". How many of you do this? Constantly sabatoging your own growth by allowing doubt to creep into your mind. This can be a never ending cycle unless you make a conscious effort to CREATE SMALL SUCCESSES in your life.

Accomplishments encourage us to feel worthy of the goals that we have set for ourselves. That "A" in your collage course, those 10lbs that you were finally able to lose, that social gathering that allowed you to let your guard down and meet new people, the date that your crush said YES to! All of these types of moments fill us with the belief that we can become more, have more, and LIVE more. This is the key to becoming more confident! Confidence is not associated with a pretty face, a banging body, stacked bank account, or even popularity for that matter. How many times have you noticed a beautiful girl being treated like a piece of meat? Or perhaps a wealthy man using his riches to exploit others? These types of situations occur because we too often associate our worth with the lens in which others view us. She has more to offer than a pretty face, but she has to BELIEVE THAT. He has more to offer than trips and paid bills, but he has to BELIEVE THAT. Succumbing to the beliefs of others can cause you to feel jaded creating a negative energy within yourself. This negativity then translates to discontent towards others and a poorly masked superiority complex that is nothing more than....low self-esteem.

If you want to feel more confident, the only thing standing in the way is YOUR BELIEF IN YOURSELF. Create small goals and go after them! If Plan A doesn't work, re-route the path but don't change the destination. This is your life, and your greatest power is YOU...so MASTER YOURSELF! Fight for the confidence needed to improve your circumstances. No one wants a life filled with regrets.

"A confident woman is the most beautiful woman!"

Simply believing that you are worthy will attract people who can respect that worth and situations that support your life's path. Just please remember, HUMILITY is key no matter where your newfound confidence takes you. Everyone is battling something so encourage, uplift and inspire others to root for themselves as well.

"Once in awhile, blow your own damn mind!"



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